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Kontron åbner firmaets produktionsfaciliteter for eksterne kunder

Kontron åbner firmaets produktionsfaciliteter for eksterne kunder

Kontron Europe GmbH i Augsburg åbner deres produktionsfaciliteter, så eksterne kunder nu kan trække på firmaets kompetencer inden for assembly, systemintegration og avionics services med mere (in english).

Kontron, leading global provider of IoT /Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), is announcing that Kontron Europe GmbH is now offering end-to-end third-party manufacturing services for industrial PCs, HMIs, high-grade electronic systems and devices as well as avionic maintenance services.     

The various medium-scale electronics services companies of Kontron AG are united under the Kontron ODM/EMS Alliance umbrella. They have decades of experience involving the entire manufacturing chain and in a wide range of engineering and assembly services.     Kontron Europe previously provided high-level assembly services exclusively for proprietary Kontron AG company products.

Now, the company is opening its production capacities to third parties. Kontron Europe is particularly noted for the assembly of industrial PCs, HMIs and complex electronic systems and devices. In addition to pure systems assembly, the portfolio includes services such as in-house test equipment construction for a wide range of testing and validation procedures.

A proprietary MES system permits paperless, data-driven production planning and control as well as full documentation and replicability of all process steps.

Walter Gruber, Director Production & Logistics, explains:
- Oour end-to-end, MES-driven and automated processes guarantee our customers maximum quality, flexibility and security. In our pursuit of quality, we also rely on our own AI-based optical quality monitoring system.

The production facility in Augsburg takes pride in its competent and experienced staff and its expertise as a certified avionics maintenance provider. In a work environment subject to strict security and access restrictions, the avionics sector places the very highest demands on the employees.     

- We are pleased to announce that these assembly, system integration and avionics services 'Made in Germany' now strengthen the Alliance portfolio. We are also certain that our clients will profit from Kontron Europe’s innovative AI-based quality assurance system, says Jochen Gimple, Executive Vice President ODM/EMS.

6/7 2022
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