X-FAB referencedesignkit til Tanner analog/mixed-signal software

X-FAB referencedesignkit til Tanner analog/mixed-signal software

X-FAB lancerer analog/mixed-signal referencedesignkit til Siemens’ Tanner IC designsoftware (in english).

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE, the leading specialty foundry, has announced the release of a reference design kit for Tanner analog/mixed-signal (AMS) software from the EDA segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software.

The new kit is based on silicon-proven circuitry, providing full coverage of the flow to design and simulate analog and mixed-signal ICs. More complex designs, shorter time-to-market pressures and new process constraints all add greater challenges to modern design methods. In order to have a starting point to address these challenges, X-FAB provides its customers reference design flows based on its established process design kits (PDKs).

X-FAB’s reference design kits allow users to determine which EDA tools and flows are natively supported by a specific PDK, as well as which set-up might be required. Via the latest addition to the X-FAB reference design kit portfolio, it is possible to show the set-up of the PDK for the company’s XH018 180 nm modular mixed-signal high-voltage CMOS process on Siemens’ Tanner AMS tools.

Predominantly focused on the needs of designers performing analog and mixed-signal simulations, the reference design kit enables evaluation of the different features of Siemens EDA’s Tanner tools. It provides support for tool set-up, design and simulation flow, as well as demonstrating how designers can use X-FAB PDKs with this popular EDA environment in order to perform physical verification tasks. The ready-to-use package is now available on the 'my X-FAB' customer portal.

Lars Bergmann, Director of X-FAB Design Support, explains:
- Reference design kits have proved themselves to be pivotal in demonstrating the design flows that can be achieved using X-FAB process design kits and IPs. By adding a kit that is dedicated to Siemens’ Tanner AMS design tools to our overall offering, we are able to address the needs of an even greater customer base. It means that designers can choose the flow which best matches their specific requirements.

- Having totally effective design support is the key to any project’s success. Through the new dedicated reference design kit, and the access this provides to our advanced EDA tools, X-FAB has made it substantially easier for designers to implement better analog and mixed-signal circuitry,  adds Greg Lebsack, ICDS General Manager for Siemens Digital Industries Software. - We are pleased to have worked with X-FAB on developing this solution and recognize the value it will bring.

The state-of-the-art Tanner custom IC design tools from Siemens feature easy-to-use schematic and layout editors. They can be integrated with best-in-class circuit simulators, as well Calibre® platform technology - the company’s industry-leading solution for design rule checking, parasitic extraction and physical verification.

X-FAB is the leading analog/mixed-signal and MEMS foundry group manufacturing silicon wafers for automotive, industrial, consumer, medical and other applications. Its customers worldwide benefit from the highest quality standards, manufacturing excellence and innovative solutions by using X-FAB’s modular CMOS and SOI processes in geometries ranging from 1.0 µm to 130 nm, and its special silicon carbide and MEMS long-lifetime processes.

X-FAB’s analog-digital integrated circuits (mixed-signal ICs), sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are manufactured at six production facilities in Germany, France, Malaysia and the U.S. X-FAB employs about 3,800 people worldwide.

5/7 2021
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