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QuickLogic køber software-firma med Intel-rødder

QuickLogic har købet SensiML - som er et 'spin-off' fra Intel - og som står bag et 'Analytics Toolkit', der baner vej for at integrere lokal kunstig intelligens i edge/endpoint devices og applikationer (in english).

QuickLogic, a developer of ultra-low power multi-core voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions, has acquired SensiML Corporation.

SensiML will operate as a division of QuickLogic and continue to develop, expand, and optimize its platform-independent software solutions to support SoCs from other semiconductor companies as well as QuickLogic SoCs, QuickAI Platforms and licensees of QuickLogic's ArcticPro embedded FPGA IP (eFPGA).

Initiated as a software group within Intel Corporation, SensiML's founders acquired the technology and formed SensiML as an independent company in 2017. SensiML has since developed strategic and ongoing SaaS (Software as a Service) contracts with customers in its targeted IoT and consumer markets.

Over six years in the making, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit is an end-to-end software suite that provides OEMs a straightforward process for developing pattern matching sensor algorithms using machine learning (AI) technology that are optimized for ultra-low power consumption. The SensiML Analytics Toolkit enables OEMs to quickly and easily leverage the power of local AI in edge, endpoint and wearable designs without the need for significant Data Science or Firmware Engineering resources.

The SensiML Analytics Toolkit automatically optimizes AI models to minimize power consumption in targeted SoCs and is designed specifically to leverage the inherent benefits of heterogeneous multi-core SoC architectures and eFPGA technology.

The processor and silicon platforms currently supported by the SensiML Analytics Toolkit include:

Heterogeneous core SoCs
• QuickLogic QuickAI Platform
• QuickLogic EOSAI (soon to be announced)
Arm Cortex-M architecture SoCs with CMSIS DSP library optimizations
• Nordic Semiconductor nRF52
• STMicro STM32

Arm Cortex-A architecture SoCs with CMSIS DSP library optimizations
• Raspberry Pi 3

X86 architecture
• Intel Atom, Core microprocessors

- From its inception, SensiML has focused on enabling the practical and efficient implementation of AI by companies that don't have the significant data science resources commonly required to respond to the increasing market demand for localized AI, says Chris Rogers, CEO of SensiML.

- QuickLogic shares our vision that the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, which allows companies to quickly and easily leverage the benefits of AI in their designs, should remain processor-independent. By joining forces with QuickLogic, we believe we will accelerate our quest to democratize the benefits of localized AI across a vast number of applications.
- With the acquisition of SensiML, we have added a stream of SaaS revenue that we anticipate will grow significantly in the coming years as well as new points of leverage for our core semiconductor and IP businesses, adds Brian Faith, President and CEO of QuickLogic.

- The SensiML Analytic Toolkit is a unique solution that addresses what we believe is a pent-up demand to incorporate the benefits of local AI in a wide variety of consumer, edge and endpoint devices. In many of these applications our proprietary ArcticPro eFPGA IP can play a critical role by enabling end-product designs to adapt to changes in accelerator algorithms that are driven by the integrated AI capabilities of our now complete end-to-end solution.
14/1 2019
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