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Svensk firma først med produkt baseret på kommende ST-microprocessor

Svensk firma først med produkt baseret på kommende ST-microprocessor

Martinsson Elektronik lancerer ny HMI-platform, der er baseret på STMicroelectronics kommende STM32MP2 microprocessorfamilie (in english).

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Martinsson Elektronik, as first company in Europe, today announced the release of MERISC-STM32MP2, a product based on the STM32MP2 Microprocessor family that STMicroelectronics plan to release at Embedded World later this spring.

Martinsson Elektronik is a Swedish ODM company that offers HMI and Display Solutions. Low risk and Fast time-to-market for customized solutions is enabled through their different technical platforms, where the MERISC-STM32MP2 is the latest. With strong security features, extensive connectivity options and not least ai, machine learning, it positions itself as one of the most interesting and future-proof products right now.

It is designed around the brand new STM32MP2 microprocessor family from STMicro, which means a strong ecosystem and software tools. A solid foundation for application development. With both ARM Cortex-A35, GPU and NPU (up to 1.35Tflops) you achieve both versatility and very good performance. The platform MERISC-STM32MP2 is intended for customers who want to develop next-generation industrial HMI, advanced display solutions or connected solutions with multimedia ambitions.

- With our new platform, we meet many of the requests we see customers have for future solutions, e.g. in cyber security. Then, of course, there will be many different variants for different customers. We are actually already planning a version with Thread implemented in order to also meet requirements for Matter protocol, says Henrik Leon, Director of Engineering, Martinsson Elektronik

The MERISC-STM32MP2 is available for evaluation with different sizes and types of displays.

Techical details:

- The product:

- The MP2 microprocessor family from STMicroelectronics that it is based on:

27/2 2024
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