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Ny generation af positions-sensorer til resolver motorer

Ny generation af positions-sensorer til resolver motorer

Melexis er nu klar til med anden generation af firmaets resolver motor positionssensor, der er baseret på den proprietære Triaxis Hall magnetiske sensorteknologi (in english).

Melexis announces a new second-generation resolver motor position sensor based upon its proprietary Triaxis Hall magnetic sensing technology.

The new single IC solution MLX90380 is compatible with any brushless motor - including Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) and Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) - thanks to its ability to measure the absolute angle. It is ideally suited to the ever-growing number of automotive applications arising as a result of the greater electrification of vehicles.

The precision sensor is suitable for high-speed rotating applications, such as automotive electrical power steering motors and superchargers, due to its 2us sampling and 8us output refresh rates. 

The MLX90380 provides Sine and Cosine analog ratiometric outputs while other options include the ability to select sensitivity from 10mT to 70mT and three different configurations for the magnetic field axis.

 Unique to the MLX90380 is its ability to be mounted in either end-of-shaft or through-shaft applications. By simply selecting the correct option code, designers are now able to measure rotation and position at any point along a shaft by using a ring magnet in conjunction with the MLX90380.

 Commenting on the new MLX90380, Peter Vandersteegen, Product Manager says:

- This second-generation Triaxis-based device represents a significant step forward, especially with regard to performance and mounting flexibility. As designers are challenged to work in small spaces in modern applications, especially automotive, this compact device offers many options allowing designers to deliver high-performance rotary measurement solutions.

13/11 2017
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