'Pakning' af wafers kan nu automatiseres

'Pakning' af wafers kan nu automatiseres

'Pakning' af færdigprocesserede wafers har indtil nu langt hen af vejen været en manuel proces, som det tyske firma cts nu tilbyder at automatisere, hvilket er med til at strømline hele chip-fødekæden (in english).

The airtight packaging of so-called 'Front Opening Shipping Boxes (FOSB)' for the transport of wafers to a semiconductor plant is complex and time-consuming – and until now mostly a manual process. cts GmbH now offers an automation solution for the correct packaging of FOSBs for the transport of wafers to a semiconductor fab. Automatically tested and documented, this ensures that the wafers for chip production are not contaminated on their way from cleanroom to cleanroom.

The manual handling of the FOSB transport containers with stacks of 25 wafers with a diameter of 300 millimeters as well as the airtight double sealing in special foils are time-consuming. As one of the few remaining manual activities in an otherwise largely automated industry, the preparation of wafer delivery also represents a process risk.

cts has now developed compact automatic machine for FOSB loading that take up as little expensive clean room space as possible. The solution can be delivered in different degrees of automation - up to the use of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) adapted to cleanroom requirements from the cts Smart Logistics portfolio. In this way, a fully autonomous, automated transport process follows on from automatic packaging and leak testing without the need for costly conversion work.

- Based on a single solution for a customer, cts has now developed a standardized modular overall solution that fully automates the entire process of FOSB packaging on request, explains Stefan Schmiedlechner, Head of Factory Automation at automation specialist cts.

- Wafer producers thus achieve comprehensive process reliability in three expansion stages, relieve their employees, free them up for more important value-adding activities and eliminate possible sources of error. With a possible utilization of up to 10,000 FOSBs per quarter, which corresponds to 250,000 wafers, the solution is suitable for both medium-sized megafabs and smaller gigafabs with up to six digit production volumes per month. The semi-automatic 'Manual Bagging' model and the fully automatic 'Auto Bagging' version are among the most compact solutions on the market and take up as little valuable cleanroom space as possible.
12/11 2021
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