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Strømsensor IC med høj hastighed og præcision

Strømsensor IC med høj hastighed og præcision

Allegro MicroSystems præsenterer strømsensor IC, der ifølge firmaet opererer med højeste præcision i applikationer med strømme på over 400A, som det f.eks. er tilfældet i elektriske køretøjer (in english).

Allegro MicroSystems, a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy efficient systems, has announced its latest Hall effect current sensor IC, which delivers its highest speed and accuracy in 400 A or more sensing applications to date. Ideally suited for hybrid and electric vehicle inverter applications that need high accuracy sensing to 1000Amps or more, the ACS70310 offers a robust solution with diagnostic functions that can help improve functional safety and reliability.

The ACS70310 linear current sensor IC achieves +/-1.2% sensitivity and +/-5mV of offset error over the automotive temperature range of –40°C to 150°C. By providing both short circuit and over-current detection, the ACS70310 delivers an analog output voltage proportional to the applied magnetic field. Providing improved safety, the output of the ACS70310 has a response time of 2us and a typical operating bandwidth of 240kHz.

This current sensor IC is also extremely robust. The on-board supply regulator of the ACS70310 enables the supply pin to survive voltages of +/-18V to protect against reverse battery connection, and the output pin can survive voltages of +16 to -6V for defense against harsh automotive voltage transients.

- Our current sensor ICs are leading the market in inverters in hybrid and fully electric vehicles - thanks to our focus on innovation in the industry. The ACS70310 offers the industry leading accuracy, speed, and protection features that our customers have been looking for, explains Shaun Milano, Director of Allegro’s current sensor product line. 

The ACS70310 is field programmable by the customer to optimise both the sensitivity and offset after assembly into the final system. Several other parameters are also programmable (see the datasheet for complete details). Customers can also order Allegro-programmed devices and conduct fast and efficient software calibration of both sensitivity and offset using their system microcontroller.

The sensor IC incorporates a highly sensitive Hall element with a BiCMOS interface integrated circuit that employs a low noise, small-signal high-gain amplifier, as well as a low-impedance output stage, and a proprietary, high bandwidth dynamic offset cancellation technique.

The IC is provided in an extremely thin case (1 mm thick), 4-pin SIP (single in-line package, suffix KT) that is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matt-tin lead frame plating.
21/3 2019
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