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Kompakte versioner af J-Link debug-prober til verifikation og test-beds

Kompakte versioner af J-Link debug-prober til verifikation og test-beds

SEGGER introducer to ny kompakte J-Link produkter, der med et minimalt footprint er designet til sikker montering i både udviklingsplatforme og slutbruger-produkter (in english).

SEGGER introduces the J-Link BASE Compact and the J-Link PLUS Compact. The compact variants of the J-Link models are designed for minimal footprint and to mount securely and unobtrusively into development or end user equipment.

Two mounting holes and small size make it simple to place the J-Link into existing equipment housings or to reserve space for direct-to-PCB mounting. The compact J-Link models enable fixed setups to be deployed using identical features, behaviour and specifications of the corresponding market-leading J-Link models.

Typical applications for the J-Link Compact models are test fixtures that are used to automate firmware verification during development. The J-Link Compact models can also be installed into development or evaluation setups for long-term test or integrated firmware reflash in the field. It is also possible to install the J-Link Compact as a module in end equipment to reduce the number of tools that service technicians must carry around.

- We are excited to open up new application fields for the J-Link by adding the compact form factor. Engineers responsible for verification, validation and test often require automated solutions, that can easily be fitted into a fixture. The J-Link Compact models offer that exactly, says Alex Gruener, CTO of SEGGER  Microcontroller.

The SEGGER J-Link/J-Trace is the most popular debug probe family on the market. It is tool chain independent and works with free GDB - based tool chains as well as commercial IDEs. J-Trace PRO works with all currently available Cortex-M devices up to a 300MHz maximum trace clock. It supports tracing on Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 targets. J-Trace PRO also provides all the features of J-Link technology for Cortex-M, such as unlimited flash breakpoints and Monitor Mode Debugging.

With the J-Link family, investments in the debug probe are preserved when changing compiler or even CPU architecture. J-Link supports multiple CPU families; there is no need to buy a new J-Link or new license when switching to a different yet supported CPU family or toolchain. All J-Links are fully compatible to each other, so an upgrade from a lower-end model to a higher-end model is a matter of a simple plug-and-play.
19/6 2017
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