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IP-over-USB teknologi giver let browser-tilgang til USB devices

IP-over-USB teknologi giver let browser-tilgang til USB devices

SEGGER lancerer ny IP-over-USB teknologi, der gør det for en web-browser at få tilgang til en USB device fra en vilkårlig host (in english).

SEGGER introduces its new IP-over-USB technology. It lets the web browser easily access a USB device from any host: Windows, Linux, or macOS.  Communicating with the built-in web server of the USB device, it can visualize status information in real-time, as well as configure the device.

With this new IP-over-USB technology, no driver needs to be installed, it is pure plug-and-play. All it takes is to connect the device, and enter ‘http://usb.local’ as the URL in the browser. With this, the flexibility of the web interface can be used for configuration and setup processes, as well as data retrieval. User manuals, tutorials etc. can simply be provided from the device itself via the same web interface.

In addition to browser access, any other IP service that is desirable can also be added, such as ftp access, telnet or proprietary UDP or TCP communication. With support for both IPv4 and IPv6, IP-over-USB it is fully future-proof. Controlling multiple devices from a single host is supported: individual devices can be distinguished by serial number.

This technology is useful for just about any USB device. Take Bluetooth headphones, for example, this would allow an indication of the battery level, setting of EQ parameters and limiting of volume, pairing setup, etc. - thus making the product a lot easier to use. Other examples include printers, uninterruptable power supplies, solar inverters and chargers – all of which need to visualize status and control how the device operates.

- USB devices enter a new era of user friendliness. We believe this to be a must-have for any state-of-the-art USB device: Using the IP-over-USB technology in combination with a built-in web server, the device can easily be accessed from any host (Windows, Linux, Mac) by simply typing the device name into the web browser. The end user can access his device more easily than ever before. No setup program, no driver, no special knowledge required. It simply works, says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER.

For evaluation, a trial package targeted to SEGGER’s emPower board is available for download.

To access more information on SEGGER’s IP-over-USB technology go to: https://www.segger.com/products/connectivity/emusb-device/add-ons/ip-over-usb/
9/8 2017
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