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Avanceret 24-bit dataopsamlingsboard for 75 dollars

Avanceret 24-bit dataopsamlingsboard for 75 dollars

MIKROE præsenterer DAQ Click, der er et kompakt add-on Click-board, som er bygget op omkring Analog Devices ADAQ7768-1, der er et 24-bit dataopsamlingsmodul i uModule familien (in english).

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MikroElektronika (MIKROE) has launched DAQ Click, a compact add-on Click board which allows designers to try out a precision data acquisition solution within their system, quickly and cost-effectively.

It is suitable as a universal input measurement platform for electrical tests and measurements, condition-monitoring for predictive maintenance, and many other applications. DAQ Click features the ADAQ7768-1, a 24-bit data acquisition uModule system from Analog Devices that encapsulates signal conditioning, conversion, and processing blocks into one SiP.

It supports a fully differential input signal with a maximum voltage range of +/- 12V with an excellent common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). The input signal is fully buffered with a low input bias current, enabling the ADAQ7768-1 to interface directly with sensors with a high output impedance.

Also, the uModule comes with a selectable clock source and programmable gain options, output data rate, filter type, and latency configurable through an SPI serial interface.

Nebojsa Matic, CEO at MIKROE explains:

- For just $75, designers can try out the advanced data acquisition capabilities of this miniature system simply by including the mikroBUS socket in their design.

DAQ Click is supported by a mikroSDK-compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development, and comes as a fully tested product. Click boards are based on the 16-pin open source mikroBUS standard for sockets on a development board invented by MIKROE.

They enable design engineers to change peripherals easily, cutting months off development time. MIKROE releases a new Click board nearly every day at 10am, and many leading microcontroller companies including Microchip, NXP, Infineon, Dialog, STM, Analog Devices Renesas and Toshiba now include the mikroBUS socket on their development boards. For more information about MIKROE’s full range of over 1000 Click peripheral boards.

4/5 2022
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