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Farnell udbygger Omega-produktprogrammet

Farnell udbygger Omega-produktprogrammet

Farnell lagerfører nu Omega’s fulde program af state-of-the-art temperatur, tryk, flow- og niveau-sensorer samt transducere og automations- og kontrol-produkter (in english).

Farnell has dramatically enhanced its industrial automation and control portfolio with a greatly expanded range of products from Omega. This new agreement makes Farnell the only high-service distributor selling Omega products in Europe. Electronic design, industrial and maintenance engineers can now buy Omega’s world-class range of products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity from Farnell.

Omega helps customers in aerospace, automotive, wireless, test and measurement, process control and power monitoring to connect their systems. The Omega range of sensing, heating, automation, data acquisition and control solutions now available from Farnell includes:

CN16PT-330 PID Controller: The powerful and versatile Platinum Series family of microprocessor-based PID controllers offers unparalleled flexibility in process measurement while being easy to setup and use.

Their universal inputs support thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, process voltage/current and strain, sampling data at up to 20 samples per second with a 24-Bit ADC. Connectivity is via standard USB, optional Ethernet and RS232/ RS485 with Modbus Serial Communications. They are especially suited to applications where visual verification is important, such as factory automation, mechanical testing and process industries (including food, plastics and ceramics processing) as well as laboratories.

NOMAD OM-91 Temperature Data Logger: The portable, battery-powered data logger is compact, lightweight and easy to use for accurate and repeatable logging of temperature. The graphical user interface for configuring new devices and collecting data is intuitive, and it features LED status indicators and a USB interface for fast data transfer. This temperature logger excels in transportation applications where it is necessary to document that a material in-transit has remained within environmental limits and may be used in multiple data logger installations.

31/7 2020
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