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Ny Farnell-podcast med Advantech

Ny Farnell-podcast med Advantech

Farnell har frigivet den tredje episode i Series 2 af podcast-serien 'The Innovation Experts', hvor Advantech bl.a. beretter om gateway-koncepter i Industry 4.0 produktionsmiljøer (in english).

Farnell has released the third episode in Series 2 of The Innovation Experts podcast featuring Advantech, a global leader in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. Series 2 shares the opinions of leading industry experts, uncovering the trends, challenges, products and solutions that are enabling the global transition to adopt Industry 4.0 and accelerate innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In this brand-new podcast episode, Advantech explains why integration is the gateway to unlocking the core principles of Industry 4.0 technology. Matt Dentino, Advantech’s Industrial Internet of Things Channel Manager for North America, explains how a long-standing policy of embracing open architecture has influenced the company’s approach to asset integration, energy management, digital transformation and real-time monitoring and analysis.

By listening to the podcast, companies of all sizes will learn about the need for strategic business partnerships and the importance of embracing a new generation of engineers and computer technologists to maintain competitive edge as Industry 4.0 supercharges the industrial world. Dentino also makes informed predictions about how artificial intelligence (AI) will enable a new wave of Industry 4.0 innovation that is required to build and operate next-generation smart factories.

Dave Beck, Global Director E-mech & Passives at Farnell says:

- Manufacturers can often be reluctant adopters of new technology as they don’t want to risk their business on the unknown. According to Advantech, these teething problems of the past are becoming less of a concern because every process and new-to-market IIoT device is so rigorously tested. Today, the only technological risk for small to medium sized manufacturers through to large blue-chip organisations is being left behind.

New episodes of The Innovation Experts are released every few weeks and cover key topics including smart factory design and the power of automation, the industrial revolution’s synergy with electrification, how to demonstrate return on investment from Industry 4.0 and much more.  All podcast episodes in Series 2 are available on Farnell’s Technical Resources Hub, including: 

- Episode 1: Upgrading to Industry 4.0 using new and existing measurements

– The debut episode of the series focuses on how process and manufacturing companies can adopt Industry 4.0 principles by embracing digitisation. Kevin Goohs, Director of IoT Implementation Strategy from Omega Engineering, discusses innovative ways to upgrade existing facility systems with critical solutions, such as sensors and new digital smart probes, to capture real-time information on the factory floor. Companies will gain an understanding of edge monitoring and control, how to identify new mechanisms to deliver and analyse big data and run critical pilot project evaluations before committing to full system installation.

Episode 2: Aligning sustainability, business strategy and partnerships with Industry 4.0

– Schneider Electric provides an exclusive overview of the company’s innovative approach to developing new technology solutions for the IIoT, including how key learnings are passed directly onto customers. According to Mark Yeeles, Vice President Industrial Automation, UK & Ireland, the secret to advancing the adoption of Industry 4.0 is to engage strategic partners who can genuinely help companies to create fully optimised facilities. Engineers and facility managers will be empowered to make smarter and often autonomous decisions that can streamline processes and accelerate digital transformation to achieve success much faster.

As a leading global provider of industrial wireless solutions, Advantech is an authoritative voice in the fields of developing intelligent IoT systems and embedded platforms. Advantech assists its partners and customers to connect their industrial chains with big data and AI. The company also collaborates with business partners to accelerate technological advancement of industrial intelligence.

Farnell offers a full range of market-leading industrial test, tools and production supplies from stock to support electronic design, maintenance and repair, with no minimum order value. Customers have free access to online resources, data sheets, applications notes, videos and webinars with excellent customer and technical support available 24/5 in local language.

The Innovation Experts podcast is freely available from major podcast providers including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Upcoming episodes will feature exclusive interviews with Eaton, ABB and Red Lion Control

6/10 2022
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