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DATA MODUL lancerer kostoptimeret easyTOUCH display-serie

DATA MODUL lancerer kostoptimeret easyTOUCH display-serie

DATA MODUL's nye easyTOUCH display (eTD) Entry Line inkluderer modeller med 3.5", 4.3", 5" og 7" skærmstørrelser (in english).

DATA MODUL presents the easyTOUCH Display (eTD) Entry Line, a high-quality yet cost-optimized product line that covers the popular size range of 3.5", 4.3", 5" and 7". The new eTD Entry Line completes the already existing multi-tier easyTOUCH Display range of the European market leader. It combines standardized as well as customized touch solutions with a pre-assembled industrial TFT display and is available in the three tier categories Entry, Advanced and Professional.

- With the easyTOUCH Display Entry Line we are launching an entry-level PCAP solution with an attractive price-performance ratio. In addition to the attractive pricing, the eTD Entry Line offers high quality components. It also gives potential customers from all industries the opportunity to explore DATA MODUL’s PCAP and display technology. Upon request it is quickly available, even in large quantities, says Markus Hell, Head of Product Management for Touch Solutions at DATA MODUL.

The Entry Line is equipped with an ITO film-based sensor and a 1.1 mm black printed cover glass. The touch controller belongs to the ILI2511 series from ILITEK, a long-term partner of DATA MODUL, and is suitable for all standard applications with up to 10-finger operation.

The glass/film/film sensor is air bonded onto the TFTs in cooperation with the TFT assembler Powertip. The displays follow a family concept with RGB interface and high brightness. Customers can use the tuning tool easyANALYZER to adjust the pre-programmed settings for all four display sizes of the eTD-Entry Line.

18/5 2020