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Dæmpbare 1A LED-drivere med variabel inputområde

Dæmpbare 1A LED-drivere med variabel inputområde

Rutronik kan nu levere Recom's LED drivermoduler i RCDE-48 serien, der kan bruges til LED-strings med op til 15 LEDs (in english).

The new Recom LED driver modules of the RCDE-48 series are suitable for strings of up to 15 high brightness LEDs and offer analog or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) deep dimming. They provide a wide input voltage range and a constant current output. 

For the operation of high brightness LED strings with an efficiency of up to 97%, the LED drivers of the RCDE-48 series deliver a constant output current of up to 350mA, 700mA or 1050mA. The input voltage range of the modules includes 6 to 60VDC for 12V, 24V or 48V nominal supply rails. All products in the series offer UVLO (undervoltage lockout), over-temperature protection as well as output open- and short-circuit protection for a high MTBF (mean time between failures) of 1.3M hours.

With a 0 to 100% linear analog or PWM dimming input that is compatible with 3.3V logic, the LED drivers offer excellent conditions for IoT nodes or uC dimmers. It is also possible to use the dim pin as an ON/OFF remote control.

The driver modules are available in the standard DIP-24 packaging (32.1x20.8x12.3mm) and are suitable for lighting applications at an altitude of up to 5000m indoors and outdoors. Without any forced cooling or derating, they work even at high ambient temperatures of up to +80°C for the 350mA variant.


10/2 2020
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