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Farnell kan nu levere det fulde program af OSLON UV-C LEDs fra OSRAM

Farnell kan nu levere det fulde program af OSLON UV-C LEDs fra OSRAM

OSRAM's OSLON UV-C LEDs, der nu er tilgængelige gennem Farnell, er bl.a. velegnede til desinfektion med mere.

Farnell is now stocking the full range of ams OSRAM’s OSLON UV 3636 UV-C LEDs available for fast delivery. Design engineers can access a greater range of market leading UV-C LEDs solutions from ams OSRAM to support a range of purification and disinfection applications such as point-of-use water treatment, automotive interior disinfection, air purification, general disinfection of high touch surfaces, medical environments, home goods and other consumer applications. UV-C LEDs are proven to effectively inactive the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The OSLON UV 3636 LED product range emits UV-C radiation and is available in three different power ratings of 4.7mW, 13.5mW, 42mW, enabling designers to select the LED best suited to their application. Each UV-C LED is compact, flexible and harnesses the cleaning properties of UV-C light allowing innovators to make the world cleaner, greener and healthier at the flick of switch. Featuring a robust design, the OSLON UV-C LED family combines both low and mid-power with a reliable and efficient radiation output.

 ams OSRAM’s OSLON® UV 3636 LED product range, now available for fast delivery from Farnell, includes:

- The SU CULCN1.VCprovides radiant flux typically of 13.5mW and a radiant efficiency of 2.4 percent.

- The SU CULBN1.VCprovides a typical radiant flux output of 4.7mW and radiant efficiency of 2.6 per cent.

- The SU CULDN1.VCis the most powerful in the range providing radiant flux of typically 42 mW and radiant efficiency of 2.1 percent.

All products feature a ceramic package with integrated glass cover and are based on AlGaN Flip chip technology. The Lambertian emitter offers radiation of 120° and UV-C colour of 275nm.

Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and SBC at Farnell explains:
Farnell is pleased to offer our customers an extended range of the latest new-to-market UV-C LEDs from ams OSRAM for their designs. ams OSRAM has a long-established reputation for manufacturing innovative optical solutions, offering the highest standards in quality and reliability. Our customers rely on having access to high-quality UV-C components to keep pace with this fast-growing market. The range of optical solutions from ams OSRAM enables our customers to improve quality of life in terms of health, safety and convenience, while reducing impact on the environment.

26/1 2022

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