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Første optokoblere opererer fra 2,2V forsyning

Første optokoblere opererer fra 2,2V forsyning

Toshiba præsenterer nye højhastigheds optokoblere, der kan operere ved en forsyningsspænding på kun 2,2V (in english).

Toshiba Electronics Europe has released the industry's first high-speed communications photocouplers that can operate with a supply voltage as low as 2.2V. The devices are suited to a wide range of applications including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), measurement/ control equipment and any other equipment requiring a high-speed digital interface.

The two devices have typical data transfer rates of 5Mbps (TLP2312) and 20Mbps (TLP2372) and are specifically designed to operate with low voltage rails, down to 2.2V. This allows them to work with the lower voltages used by many peripheral circuits, including those found in 2.5V LVCMOS, as well as accommodating voltages as high as 5.5V. This approach eliminates the need for a separate power supply rail to drive the photocouplers, thereby reducing the component count and saving space.

2/7 2020