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Højt integrede stand-alone informationssystemer med mange muligheder

Højt integrede stand-alone informationssystemer med mange muligheder

DATA MODUL præsenterer nye stand-alone informationssystemer med en lang række operative optioner (in english). ions

DATA MODUL presents a new stand-alone information system which offers numerous functions for facilitating the implementation of hygienic operating concepts. The device combines all four of its manufacturer's core capabilities in terms of display, touch, embedded and system solutions within a single product. Additional components that are integrated in this device, such as a camera, a RFID reader, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor and a barcode scanner, showcase the multifaceted nature of its potential fields of application.

- Our customer terminal provides us with the ideal means of responding to the current increased requirements for hygiene measures. Its integrated technological features allow that the device can be deployed in various locations - ranging from an industrial environment to pharmacies or ticket machines - where there are greater needs for contactless transactions and interactions. This system represents the very first time that we have combined all of these problem-solving approaches within a single device, says Kevin Schmidt, Product Manager for System Solutions at DATA MODUL.

The system is controlled by a 3.5" single board computer and is equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 "Whiskey Lake" processor. As for the display, the device includes a 21.5 inch high brightness LCD TFT from AUO which, by virtue of its contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness level of 1500cd/m 2, ensures optimum readability suited for outdoor use.

The integrated camera can, for example, be used in combination with the installed microphone in an interactive live chat with a customer service representative. This allows the CSR to provide the customer with optimal and informed advice in real time. Moreover, the integrated barcode scanner and RFID reader enable quick and easy ticket inspections and automated reading of information.

This is an advantage considering hygiene aspects as manual checks and entries become superfluous. The integrated proximity sensor not only ensures that the device operates energy-efficiently; it can also be used to interact with sub-systems, for example disinfectant dispensers, and thus facilitate hands-free operation of modern information systems.
5/10 2020