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Monitor med fremragende brand-beskyttelse

Monitor med fremragende brand-beskyttelse

55" monitor fra DATA MODUL demonstrerer fremragende resultater i forbindelse med brand performance-tests (in english).

The 55” CONRAC monitor from the Narrow Bezel Protected Series by DATA MODUL achieved the excellent classification 'A2-s1, d0' within the fire performance tests at the Material Testing Institute for Construction in Braunschweig (MPA-BS).

'A2' means that the monitor is classified as 'non-inflammable with flammable components'. 's1”'states 'no/little smoke or gas emitted' and 'd0' means that 'no flaming droplets or debris' are to be expected in case of a fire.

With this result, the DATA MODUL monitors are almost unique in the market as well as extremely cost efficient.

Unlike standard monitors, no additional fire protection housing is required for DATA MODUL solutions in many applications thanks to the results achieved. Besides the cost savings, this simplifies on-site installation and ensures that the monitor fits elegantly into the overall surrounding conditions. Furthermore, a complete solution can be supplied by the manufacturer which means there is only one single point of contact for the customer.

The fire performance tests were carried out at MPA-BS following DIN EN 13823 and classified according to DIN EN 13501; these two standards define the fire performance of construction materials. As there is no standard for electrical equipment/monitors, material testing institutes base the tests on the standards mentioned above to make them comparable to the fire performance of construction materials.

The test result is a great success for the visual solutions provider DATA MODUL because the requirements of preventative fire protection for monitors in the area of public buildings are very high.

DATA MODUL offers customers numerous digital signage/monitor solutions, such as visitor guidance systems, guest or employee information systems and digital advertising spaces, which also have to be installed in designated escape routes. Due to the high standards of fire prevention, only equipment which is of low flammability or non-inflammable is allowed to be used.

On the basis of the tests carried out, it is possible for DATA MODUL to make reliable statements about fire performance, smoke development and burning droplets regarding the monitors of the Narrow Bezel Protected Series. Possible rescue and evacuation measures in case of fire are therefore supported by the use of this equipment from DATA MODUL.

The robust monitors provided by the Munich-based company offer an IP40 front-protection against penetration intrusion by parts with a diameter greater than 1mm. The very narrow aluminium housing and laminated glass offer additional protection against fire.

Furthermore, the IP40 protected display module is connected with the control box via a plug system specifically developed by DATA MODUL. Thanks to the plug system, it is possible to have no cables leading between the display module and control box whatsoever. This also contributes to optimising fire performance and the achievement of the extraordinary results. The control box itself offers an IP20 protection and contains an IPC with long-term availability, a power supply as well as a SSD hard drive.

This overall concept as well its constant further development and optimisation makes the Narrow Bezel Protected Series a product-family which is extremely robust, slim and therefore also visually appealing.

Based on the modular concept and the related constructive conditions as well as the materials used, the MPA-BS believes that similar results for devices from the same product family with smaller display diagonals (32", 42" and 46") can be expected.

4/7 2019
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