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Nyt optomodul reducerer fejlalarmer i røgdetektorer

Nyt optomodul reducerer fejlalarmer i røgdetektorer

Analog Devices’ nye højt integrerede optiske modul reducerer risikoen for fejlalarmer i røgdetektorer og lever op til ny regulative standarder (in english).

Analog Devices has introduced the ADPD188BI, an integrated optical module featuring two LEDs, photodiode, and analog front-end (AFE) integrated together in a single package. The high performing AFE offers high ambient light rejection and reduces power consumption to support longer battery life.

The two LEDs help reduce false alarms often caused by steam and dust. False alarms are a leading factor in detectors being removed or disabled by consumers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly one in four deaths (23%) in the United States occurred where smoke detectors were not working or disabled.

The ADPD188BI is engineered to meet new UL217 requirements as well as EN54/14604 specifications. Its integrated design uses two colors to separate particle sizes, increasing the ability to detect and classify smoke types and reject nuisance sources. The ADI solution enables a back-scattering design with closer proximity of the LED to the photodiode, reducing circuit board size and allowing for smaller smoke detectors that are more architecturally compatible for residential and commercial use.

ADPD188BI product highlight include: 
• 3.8 mm × 5.0 mm × 0.9 mm module with integrated optical components
• Blue (470 nm) and IR (850 nm) LED
• Two external sensor inputs
• Three 370 mA LED drivers
• 20-bit burst accumulator enabling 20 bits per sample period
• On-board sample to sample accumulator enabling up to 27 bits per data read
• Optimized SNR for signal limited cases
• I2C or SPI communications

View the product page, download the data sheet and order samples: http://www.analog.com/ADPD188BI 

6/8 2018
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