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Avnet Silica indgår distributionsaftale med Arduino

Avnet Silica indgår distributionsaftale med Arduino

Arduino’s program af IoT, wearables, 3D printing og embedded løsninger er nu tilgængelige i EMEA-regionen gennem Avnet Silica (in english).

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Avnet Silica ha announced a strategic collaboration with Arduino, the leading global open-source hardware and software provider. This agreement extends the availability of Arduino’s range of IoT, wearables, 3D printing, and embedded solutions through Avnet Silica in EMEA, and expands the partnership with Avnet at a worldwide level.

From the initial easy-to-use platform for anyone making interactive projects, Arduino has become a trusted open-source electronics choice for a community of approximately 30 million active users. With its PRO: Edge IoT technology, Arduino supports companies that are interested in going beyond the concept and rapid prototyping phase to start mass production with the support of a qualified industrial partner and high-performance technological solutions.

 Within the Arduino product portfolio, Avnet Silica has recognised a strategic value in the Arduino PRO series. As part of the franchise distribution agreement, Avnet Silica and Arduino are developing a complete cloud and security ecosystem, starting with the Portenta boards, based on Renesas MCUs.

- Our collaboration with Avnet Silica is not just a strategic alliance; it's a melding of visions that amplifies our capabilities exponentially. Avnet Silica's unparalleled platform and expertise complements our mission to provide a holistic solution encompassing hardware, firmware, security, and cloud services, all while maintaining the user-friendly experience that Arduino is renowned for. In addition, Avnet Silica and Arduino foresee a collaboration in the area of cellular connectivity. This partnership represents a bold step forward, blending our strengths to accelerate the pace of innovation for our customers, says Fabio Violante, CEO at Arduino.

- We see a great added value in partnering with Arduino, with its wide community of users and well-recognised brand, adds Lucio Fornuto, Vice President Technical Development & Demand Creation at Avnet Silica.

- We are proud to continuously improve our offer of the best technology solutions, and we believe our partnership with Arduino will increase the benefits we bring to our customers in EMEA and worldwide.

More details on the Arduino PRO series are available through Avnet Silica at https://my.avnet.com/silica/manufacturers/m/arduino

9/2 2024
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