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COM Express moduler med R1000 processorer fra AMD Jens Plachetka, Manager Board Platforms, Avnet Integrated

COM Express moduler med R1000 processorer fra AMD

Avnet Integrated præsenterer kraftfulde COM Express moduler, der er bygget op omkring de nyligt introducerede R1000 processorer fra AMD (in english).

Avnet Integrated has incorporated the recently introduced AMD R1000 embedded processor family, based on the Ryzen core architecture, into its powerful COM Express Type 6 modules. The ready-to-use Computer-On-Modules (COMs) enable fast implementation of the new processor technology in compact embedded systems and allow a rapid introduction of innovative end products on the market. The desired performance data can be easily scaled via the processor platform.

The R1000-based module platform in COM Express Compact form factor features high graphics performance that can replace an external solution in price-sensitive applications.

Another advantage is the low power dissipation of 12 to 25 watts. In addition to the R1000 accelerated processing unit (APU) with dual-core, the modules integrate a dual channel DDR4 memory with optional error-correcting code (ECC).

Besides common embedded interfaces such as PCI Express, there are connections for up to three independent 4K displays. Some module variants are designed for the industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The boards, which were developed for the embedded market, are available for at least ten years from the product launch of the processor.

Typical areas of use for the R1000-based COM Express module family are, in particular, applications with high graphics requirements and large data volumes, for example, in medical technology, HMI systems, gaming and entertainment products.

The R1000 embedded processor family has the same architecture as the AMD V1000 processors. Both processor families are socket compatible thus allowing scaling, both in terms of performance and cost, according to the specific application. In addition to the R1000, Avnet Integrated also offers V1000-based product variants to provide customers with the whole range of performance spectrum.

Jens Plachetka, Manager Board Platforms, Avnet Integrated, explains: 
- By integrating the new AMD R1000 processors into powerful COM Express modules, we are responding to the increased market demand for a technical solution that offers high graphics performance with low power dissipation and optimized costs. We are continually expanding our already comprehensive product portfolio and thus opening up new markets and applications. Integration of R1000 processors into SMARC 2.0 modules is in preparation. 

Samples will be available starting August 2019 and volume ramp up expected for the end of 2019. More information here:
14/5 2019
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