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Digi-Key indgår global aftale med LogiSwitch

Digi-Key indgår global aftale med LogiSwitch

Digi-Key udvider firmaets 'Marketplace' produktportefølje med LogiSwitch, der via deres såkaldte NoBounce og VisiShield teknologier simplificerer udfordringerne i forbindelse med opbygning af Arduino breadboard løsninger (in english).

Digi-Key Electronics announces that it has expanded its Marketplace product portfolio to include a worldwide distribution partnership with LogiSwitch, LLC. LogiSwitch is the only company to provide debounced switches with their adaptive NoBounce technology, and their VisiShield technologies simplify Arduino breadboard challenges.

LogiSwitch’s proprietary NoBounce and VisiShield technologies, which provide superior solutions for switch debounce and Arduino breadboard challenges, are now available through the Digi-Key Electronics Marketplace

Switch bounce is a problem facing anyone designing an electronic system. LogiSwitch’s adaptive NoBounce technology eliminates the problem of having switch bounce regardless of the duration of the bounce. The designer does not have to worry about the impact of switch degradation over time, atmospheric and environmental conditions, or software updates recreating switch bounce problems.

LogiSwitch’s VisiShield prototype boards and peripherals simplify Arduino breadboard design and eliminate the conventional rat’s nest of wiring to simplify design and debugging. As the name VisiShield implies, the architecture is a vast improvement over traditional Arduino Shield technology, which hides all peripherals except the one on the top and restricts the height of each shield by design.

- We are very happy to add LogiSwitch to the Digi-Key Marketplace, says David Stein, vice president of global supplier management for Digi-Key.
- Their adaptive NoBounce and VisiShield technologies solves switch bounce and design problems for the lifetime of their products and resolve major issues for electronic designers.
- We are delighted that Digi-Key is distributing LogiSwitch’s products, adds Mike Pelkey, founder and CEO of LogiSwitch.
- Digi-Key reaches our entire customer base and also allows us to reach many new customers. Digi-Key’s new Marketplace is ideal for a company of our size, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship between our companies.
LogiSwitch’s proprietary NoBounce and VisiShield technologies are unique in the industry and provide superior solutions for switch debounce and Arduino breadboard challenges.
11/1 2021
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