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DigiKey og LabsLand klar med ny version af remote-betjent hardwareudviklingssystem DigiKey has announced the exclusive release of LabsLand Prism4 remote engineering hardware system.

DigiKey og LabsLand klar med ny version af remote-betjent hardwareudviklingssystem

DigiKey kan som eksklusiv leverandør nu levere LabsLand Prism4, der er en modulær løsning til hurtigere og mere effektiv opbygning af interaktive og remote-betjente real-time hardwaresystemer (in english).

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DigiKey announces the exclusive release of the LabsLand Prism4, a modular structure for building interactive real-time, remote hardware systems faster and more efficiently.

The Prism4’s design supports remote hardware systems with cameras, modular lights and evaluation boards. The platform also includes a set of Phase Dock workbench bases where devices can be attached using clicks and slides.

Each Prism4 hosts specific ready-to-ship Prism4 hardware systems that are available for different technologies, including field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), select microprocessors and microcontrollers. In addition, the Prism4’s extensible system design supports the creation of remote laboratories for other fields, allowing for a variety of uses, such as remote education and training using real equipment.

- LabsLand has created an incredible technology that has the ability to control hardware platforms remotely anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, says David Sandys, senior director of technical marketing for DigiKey.

- By partnering with LabsLand to design and launch Prism4, DigiKey can now offer this technology solution to students, schools, engineers and designers worldwide for real-time evaluation and education.

We are excited to take our relationship with DigiKey to the next level with the launch of Prism4, which offers new features and more extensibility and robustness, adds Pablo Orduna, founder and CEO of LabsLand.

- DigiKey has helped us continue our mission to provide universal access to real labs with real instruments and equipment.

Initially developed for educational settings, LabsLand remote engineering hardware systems allow engineers, students and educators access to hardware and software solutions that are often price-prohibitive.

With the development and release of the Prism4 through DigiKey, engineers, designers and suppliers have access to a remote engineering platform for new product demonstration, evaluation, product testing and design, allowing engineers to try out hardware before purchasing.

Software engineers can also use the platform to learn and develop code and program remote targets using actual hardware instead of simulators. The Prism4 hardware system enables users to control and interact with the target platforms while providing video feedback demonstrating outcomes and results in real-time.

DigiKey engaged with a design integration service provider to jump-start the design process and then collaborated with Phase Dock and LabsLand on the final product.

To learn more about Prism4 visit the DigiKey website.

20/3 2024
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