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Farnell har fundet de ældste Rasberry Pi applikationer i fortsat drift

Farnell har fundet de ældste Rasberry Pi applikationer i fortsat drift

Tidligere på året annoncerede Farnell en konkurrence, der går på at identificere de ældste forsat kørende applikationer bygget op omkring Raspberry Pi. Nu er vinderne fundet (in english).

Farnell, an Avnet company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has today announced the winners of a competition to find the longest running Raspberry Pi application currently still in use. A diverse range of long-serving embedded designs and other Raspberry Pi-based systems were entered into the 6-week challenge, showcasing how Raspberry Pi is being used as a winning solution by design engineers and hobbyists alike.

This year marks Farnell’s 10-year manufacturing and distribution partnership with Raspberry Pi Ltd. In celebration of this milestone, Farnell launched the search to find the ‘longest serving’ Raspberry Pi-based application. Three entrants successfully demonstrated the oldest applications currently in use. Each of the three applications were developed in 2014, including: 

- A home automation energy monitor and thermostat application based on a Raspberry Pi Model B+. The application ran as a server for various applications including controlling home heating, showing a smart energy meter monitor display, internet radio client and Christmas decorations.

- A Softball PiCam using a Raspberry Pi Model 1B to make a camera that would capture video of a softball player running to first base by detecting the hit and panning a PiCam. The system is triggered by a directional microphone placed near the batter.

- A traffic congestion monitor using a Raspberry Pi Model B that checks motorway traffic and sends a notification to the user’s phone if there is a problem that would cause delays when going to work or returning home.

Other creative entries included a blood pressure sensor interface based on Raspberry Pi, a smart home security camera system and an automatic lawn and pond watering application.

Romain Soreau, Head of Single Board Computing at Farnell, says:
- “We would like to congratulate all major prize winners and extend our thanks to every participant who shared their innovative product designs as part of the competition. As the longest serving strategic business partner of Raspberry Pi Ltd, we are always on the lookout for anyone who can provide details about clever applications that showcase how the Raspberry Pi is being used around the world.

The element14 Community has notified all winners of the major prize packages, which include 10 Raspberry Pi Picos and a Pi NoIR 8MP Camera. Winners have the option of claiming the prize for personal use or donating it to a local school, coding club or college in their country of residence.

Farnell stocks and provides 24/5 technical support for the complete range of Raspberry Pi single board computers, enabling customers to build a wide range of devices for professional, commercial, education or home use. A diverse ecosystem of accessories is also available including cases, power supplies, micro-HDMI cables and the Raspberry Pi High Resolution Camera.

Farnell can support the provision and equipment bundling for bespoke large-scale programmes. Customers also benefit from free access to valuable online resources on the Farnell website, and engineering and maker community, element14

25/7 2022
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