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High-end platforme til AI-baseret vision og edge-applikationer

High-end platforme til AI-baseret vision og edge-applikationer

Med sigte på brug i AI vision og edge-data server applikationer lancerer Advantech nye ekstremt højt ydende edge computerplatforme (in english).

Advantech, a leading provider of AIoT platforms and services, is pleased to launch its ARK-7060 extreme high-performance edge computer, which brings server-class computing capabilities, flexible expansion, rich storage capacity, and high network bandwidth to the edge.

Advantech’s ARK-7060 is an extreme high-performance edge computer with multiple expansion slots and fast data transfer speeds that empower edge data servers, AOI visual inspection, and AI vision equipment applications. It is equipped with Intel Xeon D-1700 series processors up to 10 cores at 67W and 4 x DDR4 SODIMM sockets that support up to 128 GB. ARK-7060 offers 2 x GbE, 4 x USB 3.0, 4 x COM ports for diverse device connections.

Versatile expansion and easy integration for AI vision capability

ARK-7060 provides expansion slots for PCI, PCIe x4, and PCIe x16. Its PCIe x16 slots can support graphic cards up to 350W such as NVIDIA RTX Quadro A4500 and A5000. These high-end graphic cards require adequate power supply and at the same time may overheat as they try to complete intense tasks.

The ARK-7060 system adopts advanced thermal designs to improve heat dispersion, and it also has a dedicated thermal kit for industrial fanless graphics cards. It has a built-in 850W power supply, which makes it easy for equipment integration. ARK-7060 delivers high-performance computing and can be used with motion control cards, frame grabbers, and graphics cards, which is suitable for AI visual inspection and AI vision equipment.

Multiple storage and fast data transfer for edge data processing

As factories transform into smart manufacturing, the amount of data collected keeps increasing. In order to store and transfer a large amount of data, ARK-7060 supports up to 4 x 2.5” SATA III hard drive bays and delivers high data transfer rates via optional 10GbE ports and M.2 B-Key for 5G modules.

Advanced Security and Remote Management

To enhance the security of ARK-7060, the system has dual BIOS for BIOS backup and recovery, lowering the risk of BIOS damage and protecting from potential viruses or data corruption. As for security of the OS, ARK-7060 supports TPM 2.0, and the system is bundled with McAfee for whitelisting technology and Acronis for data backup and recovery.

These features enhance data security and protection and give users peace of mind when managing their data within ARK-7060. The ARK-7060 onboard BMC (baseboard management controller) provides IPMI 2.0 architecture for remote management, and this allows customers to realize both in-band and out-of-band control on ARK-7060.

In addition, users can also remotely switch between the two BIOS through BMC. Also, ARK-7060 is bundled with WISE-DeviceOn remote management software by Advantech, thereby reducing maintenance costs and system downtime.

For customers requiring this product in a custom variant, Advantech's European DMS team offers a wide range of local design and manufacturing services. For more information: http://bit.ly/AdvantechDMS.

3/3 2023
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