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Kontron har overtaget Hartmann og W-IE-NE-R, der med base i henholdsvis Tyskland og USA producerer 'rugged' computing systemer (in english),

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Kontron has announced the acquisition of Hartmann and W-IE-NE-R, a group of rugged computing systems manufacturers based in Germany and the United States, from Phoenix Mecano AG. The companies generated revenues of around EUR 18 million and an EBITDA of approximately EUR 3 million in 2022. 

Hartmann designs and manufactures integrated modular VPX computing systems for ultra-high speed and harsh environments resilient to radiation and external influences. W-IE-NE-R complements the portfolio with redundant VPX power supplies. The biggest markets are United States, Germany, and Switzerland. This impressive portfolio is based on 50 years of experience and driven by a total of 77 employees located in Germany and the United States. In 2022, total revenues were about EUR 18 million at an attractive gross margin of over 50% and an EBITDA of approximately EUR 3 million.

This acquisition generates high synergies and supports Kontron's strategic program “Shape” to enlarge the product portfolio with vertical market solutions offering higher margins. Together with VPX blade systems and US avionics systems, Kontron will become a leading global player in the areas of avionics and security. Including this acquisition, Kontron plan to achieve more than EUR 100 million revenues in these markets in 2024. 

For Kontron, this acquisition is the next step up the value chain of its fast-growing high-margin business segment “Software + Solutions”. The Avionics and defense business will together with Kontron’s transportation business and susietec turn “Software + Solutions” into the biggest segment by 2025 and will achieve an expected revenue share of more than 50% by 2027.

31/8 2023
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