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Qseven 2.1 moduler til edge-computing applikationer

Qseven 2.1 moduler til edge-computing applikationer

Avnet Integrated lancerer kraftfulde Qseven 2.1 moduler, der er baseret på Intel Atom x6000E serien, og som retter sig mod brug i bl.a. edge computing applikationer (in english).

Avnet Integrated has expanded its comprehensive Qseven 2.1 roadmap with the compact MSC Q7-EL Qseven 2.1 module family. Based on the new multi-core Intel Atom x6000E and Intel Pentium/Celeron N und J Series processors (codenamed 'Elkhart Lake'), the new module is a sensible investment for designers to develop on one platform for many years. In the last years, Qseven™ has become the most popular small form factor for embedded modules and is especially suitable for compact low-power applications.

Compared to the predecessor generation, the new MSC Q7-EL Qseven 2.1 module family based on the multi-core Intel Atom x6000E Series processors offers a significant increase in CPU and graphics performance with the same number of cores and similar power dissipation. Based on the ready-to-run starter kit and the appropriate Qseven 2.1 development platform, designs of new innovative end products with the new processor technology can start immediately.

Numerous MSC Q7-EL module variants are specified for the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and reliable 24/7 continuous operation. The boards are an ideal platform for critical applications demanding a high reliability and security even under harsh industrial conditions or in outdoor installations. For demanding real-time applications, the Qseven 2.1modules offer a Gigabit Ethernet port with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Intel Time Coordinated Computing (Intel TCC) support and a CAN-FD interface.

Avnet Integrated has designed the new MSC Q7-EL Qseven 2.1 module family for innovative applications that demand high computing power on a small form factor. Typical applications are edge computing solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning functions, IoT based systems, powerful HMI and control systems, intelligent camera solutions, mobile medical devices and smart grid/ home automation products.

Avnet Integrated has incorporated the new Multi-core Intel Atom x6000E Series processors into all four established embedded standards Qseven 2.1, SMARC 2.1, COM Express Type 6 and Type 10. The company offers an adequate module solution for all applications. The embedded modules are developed in Avnet Integrated’s own Technology Campuses and manufactured in highly automated production facilities.

The compact MSC Q7-EL Qseven 2.1 module family is available for at least 15 years from now.


3/5 2021
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