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Ultraflad Panel PC

Ultraflad Panel PC

DATA MODUL udvider programmet af Panel PC'er med en løsning, der er forsynet med en 10.1" skærm og har dybde på kun 31,7mm (in english).

DATA MODUL expands its portfolio of Panel PC solutions with a ultra-flat Slim Panel PC, that has a depth of only 31.7mm. Thanks to its extremely flat design, the vibration and shock resistant 10.1 inch PCAP Touch Panel PC is most suited to industries where all-in-one solutions are in demand for particular applications, such as in the fitness or maritime and offshore sectors.

The new Panel PCs from DATA MODUL offer customers an innovative complete solution, made up of embedded solutions developed in-house, industrial display components, modern operating technology and appropriate software packages.

The Slim Panel PC is available as a complete solution, including software package, in three different service grades:

- Embedded Board eDM-SBC-iMX6-PPC-S-1G

- Embedded Board eDM-SBC-iMX6-PPC-DL-1G

- Embedded Board eDM-SBC-iMX6-PPC-Q-2G

iThanks to its dimensions of 185mm x 267mm, the Slim Panel PC not only offers the ideal size for the most common applications, but also, thanks to the ultra-flat Single Board Computer (SBC) it uses, it possesses greater scope for interfaces than with a Pico-ITX, for instance. In order to take advantage of the maximum assembly space behind a 10.1 inch LCD, the height was increased in comparison with the Pico-ITX from 72 mm to 80 mm.

The SBC unit is able to achieve such a small depth of a maximum of 13 mm thanks to various measures. For instance, only flat plugs are mounted on the side. As a result, no unnecessary height is given away by connecting the interfaces. In addition, with this structural modification, the network connector (RJ45) socket remains at the highest point of the unit. Moreover, an integrated version was used, which ultimately leads to a top level of 8.2 mm from the upper edge of the circuit boards.

The Board Support Package (BSP) included contains the following releases:

- Bootloader: Barebox Version 2017.04
- Linux kernel Version 4.9
- Yocto 2.4 Rocko
- Qt 5.9
- Gstreamer 1.8.3
- Browser: QupZilla

Thanks to the integrated Touch Unit including SITO sensor and USB controller, it is possible to operate with up to ten fingers, with gloves and also in wet conditions. Another special feature is that the Panel PC has an accessible interface for bus systems, such as for the CAN bus. In this way, all common industry standards can be supported and connected without any problems.

29/8 2019
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