DELTA Microelectronics udbygger testservices til automotive og industri-applikationer

DELTA Microelectronics udbygger testservices til automotive og industri-applikationer

Danske DELTA Microelectronics, der er en førende leverandør af komplette ASIC-produktions og supply-chain løsninger, udbygger nu firmaets chip-testservices til at omfatte tests ved ekstremt høje og lave temperaturer (in english).

DELTA Microelectronics, the European leader in complete ASIC manufacturing and supply chain solutions, announces the expansion of its semiconductor test services to include extremely high and low operating temperature testing.

Automotive and industrial applications typically require stringent testing to ensure semiconductor and IC thermal behavior and reliability at wider operating temperature ranges.

DELTA’s temperature handler allows running test cycles between extremely high (+175°C) and extremely low ( 55°C) temperatures with full temperature control during tests. The Tri-Temp Pick and Place Handler offers throughput up to 5,300 units per hour for device sizes from 2×2 to 70×70 mm.

The new handler extends DELTA’s state-of-the-art European test facilities for testing analogue, digital, mixed signal and RF components. DELTA’s semiconductor test lab includes wafer probers, component handlers using ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), qualification services and failure analysis lab.

With over 25 years of experience, DELTA Microelectronics is a European leader in ASIC services for the semiconductor industry. DELTA's comprehensive services include ASIC design, layout, test development, wafer supply, production testing, package development and assembly, components supply, logistics and supply chain management. DELTA’s development and production facilities are based in Denmark and the UK, with service partners in Europe and Asia.
1/11 2018
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