Webinar med fokus på batteriforsyning af IoT-enheder

Webinar med fokus på batteriforsyning af IoT-enheder

EKTOS afholder den 20. oktober firmaets andet IoT-seminar her i efteråret. Denne gang er der fokus på batteriforsynede IoT-enheder (in english).

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The IoT product is usually associated with battery power, and in most cases, it is expected that the battery lasts for a long time, at the same time there are lots of technical challenges limiting the battery life.

The second webinar in EKTOS’ IoT-series ‘22,  will focus on the battery solution powering the IoT-device - and the business case behind it - by ensuring the necessary performance and lifetime.

In this webinar EKTOS will:

- Discuss IoT devices design aspects: why is it so challenging?

- Get into the battery life estimation toolchain and battery selection factors

- Talk about risks related to the battery power and how to mitigate them in the design

- Address the battery cost and chemistries as the key cost driver in the IoT product

During the webinar you will:

- Get tips on how to attack the battery life requirement

- Learn how to define the realistic use-case for your IoT product

- Get into the hardware and software sides of battery-powered devices design

EKTOS has done over 50 IoT projects delivering hardware, firmware, and integration to the IoT platforms: Google IoT, MS Azure IoT, AWS, ThingsBoard, Tuya, and Alibaba Cloud IoT via MQTT, HTTP, and COAP.   

The free webinar takes place the 20. October at 15–16 CET and will be headed by EKTOS' CTO Sergii Shavshyn.

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11/10 2022
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