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D-Sub konnektorer med pålidelig pressfit teknologi

PROVERTHA har opkøbt ERNI's D-Sub produktlinje inklusiv maskineri og værktøjer og lancerer nu ny D-Sub Pressfit 180° serie med fra 9 til 37 pins (in english).

By acquiring ERNI's D-Sub products including machinery and tools, PROVERTHA has optimally expanded its existing product portfolio and offers high-performance D-Sub solutions for almost every application. 

The solder-free pressfit technology with the over a million times proven elastic pressfit zone ensures a gas-tight connection on backplanes and printed circuit boards and a highly reliable connection for special stresses such as vibration and shock.  Soldering defects, flux problems or thermal stress are eliminated by using pressfit technology.

The straight (180°) TMC pressfit D-Sub connectors also allow easy assembly on both sides of the PCB with cost-effective pressfit tools. The TMC D-Sub connectors from Provertha are available in pressfit technology as female and male versions in the standard installation height of 6.3 mm. Versions with an installation height of 9 mm and other heights are also available on request.

Customers can choose between pin counts of 9, 15, 25 and 37. There are also various options for mounting on the printed circuit board, such as through-hole as well as UNC 4-40 or M3 threads or UNC 4-40 or M3 threaded bolts. Versions in other colours or for special applications like vacuum technology are also available on request. In the TMC PCB D-Sub range, Provertha offers, in addition to pressfit technology, SMT and THR (Thru Hole Reflow) termination techniques for the fully automated SMT process as well as THT versions in angled and straight designs.

4/8 2020
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