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Robuste konnektorer med 0,8mm pitch og høj strømkapacitet

Robuste konnektorer med 0,8mm pitch og høj strømkapacitet

ERNI præsenterer nye MicroCon konnektorer med 0,8mm pitch, der bl.a. udmærker sig med høj strømkapacitet og sikker mating-proces (in english).

A highly compact design does not necessarily have to imply restrictions in terms of performance with regard to secure mating, current carrying capacity, reliability or robustness - this is demonstrated by ERNI's MicroCon series in 0.8 mm pitch.

In harsh industrial environments, they ensure that data and signal transmission run smoothly in and between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), central processing units (CPUs), input and output modules (I/Os), communication modules or power supplies.

Being extremely compact, shock and vibration resistant, they ensure reliable connections - whether in drives of automatic assembly machines, production lines, machine tools, packaging machines or industrial and process automation. In addition, they are also used in medical and consumer applications. The already extensive MicroCon range is now being supplemented by additional position sizes.

Despite its extremely compact design - for example, the 50-pin male connector measures only 24.2 mm x 4.7 mm for different heights - the two-row MicroCon series makes no compromises in terms of performance.

Even in the basic version, the male connectors have a reinforced outer wall. In addition to the polarisation, a blind mate pre-centring system with enlarged capture range ensures secure mating. The robust design with solder clips increases shear forces. In addition, the MicroCon connectors are highly vibration and shock resistant.

This makes them ideally suited for harsh industrial environments such as HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications. A unique feature of connectors of this compact size is the use of double-sided spring contacts with the associated high degree of mating reliability. To achieve this, ERNI has scaled its proven spring contact design to the small pitch.

The MicroCon connectors are available with 12 - 100 pins as well as straight and angled versions. Variants with different design heights for the female and male connectors allow board-to-board spacing of 5 to 10 mm in mezzanine applications.

The PCB connectors have SMT connections. In addition, cable connectors with IDC connection for AWG 34 are planned for extremely compact ribbon cable systems. Current carrying capacity is specified at 2.3 A per contact (at 20 °C), while data rates of up to 3 Gbps are supported.

For automatic assembly and placement, the MicroCon connectors are supplied in tape and reel packaging ready for reflow soldering.
25/11 2019
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