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Industriens første 'Java on a chip' løsningThe flagship Java-programmable controller module, occupying only an area of 24x36mm has been designed for a wide range of applications in smart systems.

Industriens første 'Java on a chip' løsning

Det tyske firma demmel products vil på den kommende embedded world udstilling præsentere en ny 'Java on a chip, JoC' produktlinie (in english).

demmel products introduces its new Java on a Chip (JoC) product line at this year’s embedded world 2019, Hall 1, Booth 371. The flagship Java-programmable controller module, occupying only an area of 24x36mm has been designed for a wide range of applications in smart systems. The highly integrated JoC will dramatically reduce development cost and time to market.

In many cases JoC can replace conventional microcontroller electronics and thus simplify the design considerably. Typical applications are controllers of all kinds or sensor evaluations, in which all communication interfaces can be easily addressed under Java.

In contrast to C or C++, the memory-managed approach of Java offers much better protection against hidden errors. Already implemented features like the support of the USB interface under Java lead to considerably accelerated development and make time-consuming low-level programming unnecessary. The comfortable development via the JoC Manager – a full featured IDE – enables a fast time-to-market strategy. This means that even less experienced developers can successfully launch a product.

The JoC module can be integrated directly into the hardware of the application. The application development is done on the JoC reference board Javaino with the help of the JoC Manager. The free downloadable IDE contains a complete Java development environment for editing, compiling and debugging the applications.

Java on a Chip (JoC) simplifies application programming through the use of a high-level object-oriented language and a well-designed library to interface with the hardware environment. The JoC module contains the JoC and necessary peripherals to provide a ready-to-go solution. At a size of 24x36 mm and mountable via SMT or via 2mm pin headers, it easily fits on even the most compact design.

The JoC offers many interface options. These include digital and analog I/Os, 2x RS-232 (TTL), PWM I/Os, I2C, SPI and a keyboard interface. A/D and D/A converters, as well as a battery-powered real-time clock are also available. The Javaino board can be functionally expanded with standard 'Arduino Shields'.

The USB interface of the JoC is a special feature that makes working with the JoC extremely easy: The compiled Java application is loaded directly onto the chip and is executed there. At the same time, the developer can remote debug the Java application directly on the chip via the same USB interface and access it via the console.

Applications are programmed in the JoC Manager, an intuitive IDE in the latest Windows layout. The free JoC Manager contains a complete Java development environment. This allows comfortable editing of the Java code, compiling and remote debugging. The included features can otherwise only be found in expensive high-level IDEs.

Common features such as breakpoints and variable inspection are part of the debugger. No additional hardware or software is necessary. The entire development and debug environment is set up within a few minutes by simply installing the JoC Manager.
28/1 2019
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