64GB DDR4 VLP RDIMM-hukommelse til pladsbegrænsede computing og storage-applikationer

64GB DDR4 VLP RDIMM-hukommelse til pladsbegrænsede computing og storage-applikationer

SMART Modular Technologies har præsenteret firmaets nye DuraMemory 64GB DDR4 VLP (Very Low Profile) RDIMM, der sigter mod embedded 1U blade computing, storage, enterprise networking, telekommunikation samt industrielle SBC'er (in english).

SMART Modular Technologies, a global leader in memory modules, solid-state storage products and hybrid solutions, has announced its new DuraMemory 64GB DDR4 VLP (Very Low Profile) RDIMM. One of the industry’s highest densities available in a VLP form factor, SMART’s 64GB VLP RDIMM is targeted for embedded 1U blade compute, storage, enterprise networking, telecom, and industrial single board computers (SBCs).

As the newest product added to SMART’s wide portfolio of DuraMemory VLP and ULP (Ultra Low Profile) modules, its main attributes are:

- Space savings – VLP RDIMM height of 18.75mm allows for vertical DIMM placement in 1U blades
- High-density – can achieve up to 768GB in 1U compute and storage blade systems with 12 DIMM sockets
- High-performance – DDR4-2933 operation

For ruggedized and harsh operating conditions, SMART offers retention clips to secure the socket latches in place and industrial grade temperature operation (-40°C to +85°C).

Compared to generic memory modules, this new high-density solution is part of SMART’s growing DuraMemory family of products which are aimed to address higher durability, reliability and optimum performance necessary to sustain the high levels of remote communications in today's workplace.

SMART’s extensive capabilities based on over 30 years of designing and manufacturing specialty memory solutions, are core to the entire DuraMemory product line. Quality controls and stringent processes in all aspects of design, procurement and manufacturing processes yield a highly superior DRAM memory module found in the new DuraMemory 64GB VLP RDIMM.

Alan Marten, Senior Vice President of Specialty Memory explains:
- SMART is 100% committed to supporting our customers' ongoing challenges. We’re proud to be a trusted partner to businesses that rely on durability and quality. We will continue to provide the solutions and support our partners have come to expect.
31/8 2020
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