High-density DDR4-løsninger til pladsbegrænsede applikationer

High-density DDR4-løsninger til pladsbegrænsede applikationer

SMART Modular udvider programmet af højdensitets DDR-løsninger til applikationer, hvor pladsen er trang (in english).

SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, and a leader in specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including DRAM memory modules, solid state drives (SSDs) and other Flash memory products, today announced its new higher density DDR4 Module-in-a-Package (MIP).

The new package expands on the currently offered MIP density range to 16GB. SMART’s MIP is an innovative, tiny form factor design targeted for uses in IIoT, embedded computing, broadcast video, and mobile routers, where maximising DRAM capacity within space-constrained limitations are a principle concern.

SMART's MIP, operating up to DDR4-3200, is an ideal solution to replace multiple down-board DRAMs or SO-DIMMs to maximize DRAM density within minimal board space. Additional advantages of the MIP:
• Simplified system design
- Compared to solder down approaches, main board routing complexity is greatly reduced by avoiding the need for back-to-back chip placements. Additionally, the MIP contains all necessary passives and a thermal sensor, eliminating the need to place these components.
• Performance benefits
-  Removes the need for a mating connector, resulting in better signal integrity and reduced flight time.
• Better flexibility over die stacking and packaging solutions
- Build-to-order model with multiple standard DRAM sources available.

The 16GB MIP is available in two configurations, the standard 1Gx64 version or the two channels of x32 configuration to replace either soldered down DRAMs or SO-DIMMs. The MIP is an ideal solution for MCU, CPU, or FPGA-based embedded computing and IIoT systems that require a x64 or x32 memory access. For example, a small form factor COMe system for IIoT can be populated with 128GB of memory using four 16GB MIPs on the top of the system and four 16GB MIPs mirrored on the bottom.

SMART offers a full lineup of MIPs from 4GB to 16GB with speeds up to DDR4-3200.
20/4 2020
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