Mouser udbygger med Innodisk

Mouser udbygger med Innodisk

Mouser Electronics styrker nu positionen inden for storage-produkter til industrielle applikationer med en global distributionsaftale med Innodisk (in english).

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Mouser Electronics announces a new distribution agreement with Innodisk, a premier provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries.

Mouser now offers an extensive line-up of Innodisk products, including Innodisk’s latest flexible industrial I/O expansion cards. These cards offer stable connectivity and bandwidth to industrial systems including robust Power over Ethernet (PoE), CAN, LAN, DIO, and serial cards. Innodisk’s flexible industrial expansion cards are available in Mini PCIe, PCIe, and M.2 form factors and are ideal for casino gaming, networking and surveillance applications.

Innodisk SD and MicroSD cards are industrial-grade, SD 2.0- and SD 3.0-compatible cards that feature Innodisk’s exclusive iSMART technology to better monitor device storage status. The high-performance cards are ideal for gaming, industrial embedded memory, infotainment, and automation applications.

Mouser also offers Innodisk CFast cards - high-capacity, high-speed devices housed in a small form factor compliant with CFast 2.0. These cards deliver excellent performance in random data transfer rate, making them an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including embedded systems, industrial, and enterprise fields.

Innodisk CFast feature L³ architecture with a SATA III (6 GHz) Marvell NAND controller. Innodisk 3D TLC SSDs are ideal for industrial and demanding storage applications. These 112-layer SSDs feature higher capacity, better performance, and enhanced data security, with guarantees up to 3,000 P/E cycles and in-house firmware developed to support up to 8 TB in U.2 SSD, and 4 TB for M.2 (P80).
2/6 2022
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