Rutronik kan tilbyde populære, men udfasede Cypress SRAM'er

Rutronik er gået i samarbejde med Alliance Memory om fortsat levering af de stadig populære, men nu udfasede SRAM i Cypress' CY62256 serier (in english).

Good news for customers of Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH: Alliance Memory, a manufacturer from the Rutronik portfolio continues to offer some of the low-power SRAMs of the CY62256 series discontinued by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. Alliance Memory aims to ensure the supply of the components until 2019.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation has discontinued the popular series, the last possible purchase date of the products was on July 4, 2018. Through a cooperation with Cypress, Alliance Memory offers the low-power SRAMs of the CY62256 series under their original part numbers until 2019. The agreement between the two manufacturers is designed to mitigate the impact of the discontinuation of the popular and widely used 32k x 8 SRAM memory.

Alliance Memory is a partner of Rutronik so that customers can obtain the SRAMs of the CY62256 series from the distributor until 2019.
25/10 2018
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