Winbond får som første memory-leverandør ISO/SAE 21434 certificering

Winbond får som første memory-leverandør ISO/SAE 21434 certificering

Winbond Electronics har som første memory-leverandør modtaget ISO/SAE 21434 certification fra TÜV NORD (in english).

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Winbond Electronics,  a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced that they had received the ISO/SAE 21434 certification from TÜV NORD for Road vehicles Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS), making them the world’s first memory vendor to receive the ISO/SAE 21434 standard certification for Road vehicles Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS).

ISO/SAE 21434 standard protects vehicle and automotive security by specifying the requirements to make automotive systems more robust against cyber-attacks. It outlines the criteria needed during the concept, development, production, usage and decommissions of automotive systems. Many car manufacturers and their component suppliers make this stand mandatory to improve how cyber threats are managed significantly.

The ISO/SAE 21434 standard applies to microcomputers and their components. The automotive industry must adapt devices capable of meeting this standard and providing the required protection against cyber threats.

- With the implementation and certification of a cyber security management system in accordance with ISO/SAE 21434, Winbond has achieved a further important milestone in the implementation of a holistic security approach, which we highly recommend for all OEMs and suppliers in such critical sectors like automotive, says Matthias Springer, Senior Vice President Functional Safety & Security at TÜV NORD CERT.

Winbond is the first memory manufacturer to receive this Road vehicles CyberSecurity certification. Their TrustME W77Q Secure Flash has already obtained Common Criteria EAL2 and ISO26262 ASIL-C Ready certifications from SGS Brightsight and SGS-TÜV Saar, respectively. With the prestigious industry-recognized security and safety certifications, TrustME W77Q Secure Flash can simultaneously satisfy the emerging demands in safety and cybersecurity in automotive applications. Apart from that, their code storage flash memory, including Serial NOR, QspiNAND and OctalNAND, has also received ISO26262 ASIL-B Ready certifications.

With its Product Longevity Program (WPLP) for automotive applications requiring long-term support, Winbond is the world’s preferred memory provider.

8/9 2022
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