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Altium løfter sløret for nye PCB og data management teknologier

Altium løfter sløret for nye PCB og data management teknologier

Det kommende Altium Designer 17 PCB-designværktøj samt Altium Vault 3.0 data managment løsningen vil inkludere en række nye teknologier (in english).

In the midst of record user growth, Altium has announced the upcoming release of new landmark PCB design and data management technologies in Altium Designer 17 and Altium Vault 3.0. These new technologies will continue to drive the company’s goal of becoming the leader in PCB design software by 2020, with over 5000 engineers having already switched to Altium Designer in FY2016.  Altium Designer 17 and Altium Vault 3.0 are both scheduled to release in November as a free upgrade to all Altium Subscription customers.

- We’ve reached new heights in our mission to supply modern designers with the tools they need to succeed, hitting a record 100 million dollars in sales this past year. Our continued growth allows us to consistently deliver leadership technology in design automation software as we advance toward our goal of becoming the worldwide market leader of PCB ECAD solutions, says Henry Potts, Chief Operating Officer at Altium.

The upcoming release of Altium Designer 17 features technology geared toward strengthening the efficiency of today’s electronics design process. Designers can reach the peak of their engineering potential with several new features, including:

- ActiveRoute which allows an engineer to design high quality Printed Circuit Board layouts with high-performance, guided routing technology.
- Dynamic Copper which allows engineers to save time with the ability to easily modify copper polygon shapes on Printed Circuit Boards.
- Back Drilling which allows engineers to reduce signal integrity disturbances on high-speed designs with complete control over drill hole specifications.

- PCB designers continue to be confronted with time consuming interactive routing challenges. With ActiveRoute, we’ve pushed routing technology into a new frontier by providing complete user control and flexibility for high quality routing in a small fraction of the time, says Charles Pfeil, Senior Product Manager at Altium.

Connecting Engineering Efficiencies

With the upcoming release of Altium Vault 3.0, engineers can leverage new technologies to gain more control over their data management workflow, with new ways to search, synchronize and manage their design data using the following features: 

Streamlined Project Releaser which enables an engineer to easily add verified project snapshots with included design variants for fabrication and assembly.

 - Customized Item Manager Automatching which allows engineers to quickly synchronize projects and define parameters to update unmanaged assets with verified design data.

- Expanded Templates which allows engineers to keep their design projects standardized with templates for Projects, Draftsman(r), Scripts, and Bill of Materials reports.

14/11 2016
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