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CUI samarbejder med SnapEDA om gratis PCB footprint filer

CUI samarbejder med SnapEDA om gratis PCB footprint filer

Gennem et samarbejde med SnapEDA kan CUI nu tilbyde gratis PCB footprints til CUI’s familie af elektromekaniske komponenter til board-montage (in english).

CUI has announced that it has teamed up with SnapEDA, a market-leading parts library for circuit board design, to provide designers with a catalog of free, ready-to-download PCB footprints and symbols for CUI's range of board mount electromechanical components.

Circuit board design has historically been a time-consuming and challenging process due to the variety of product configurations and standards. With this partnership, users will be able to prevent footprint errors and design smarter, thanks to a library of verified PCB footprints and symbols readily available in all major CAD formats, including: Altium, Eagle, KiCad, OrCAD/Allegro, PADS/DxDesigner, and PCB123.

- This partnership with SnapEDA is a continuation of CUI's mission to equip our customers with necessary design tools and resources at every stage of the product development cycle. The addition of these PCB footprint files bolsters CUI's already extensive catalog of ready-made 3D models, further streamlining the design process for engineers, says Jeff Schnabel, CUI's VP of Global Marketing.

- We are committed to building the industry's largest, verified library of component models. Adding CUI and their broad portfolio of board level components to our catalog supplies yet another source from which engineers can gather PCB files for seamless integration into their designs, adds Natasha Baker, CEO of SnapEDA.

The files are free to download from CUI's CAD model library (https://www.cui.com/resources/cad-model-library) and product pages, or via the SnapEDA website (https://www.snapeda.com), where they can then be placed directly into a product's design.

29/6 2018
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