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Kompakt enhed til mærkning af PCB'er

Kompakt enhed til mærkning af PCB'er

INGUN, der i Danmark er repræsenteret gennem Fabtest, præsenterer ultrakompakt enhed til mærkning af trykte kredsløb (in english).

INGUN has developed a small electrical board marker probes to mark PC boards. The new board marker probes feature an impressive compact design. An exchangeable engraving unit ensures that used units can be replaced easily, quickly and without tools.

The compact board marker probe (marking unit) from allows PCBs, non-hardened metals or electrical units that have been tested and found to be 'good' to be marked reliably. A circle with a diameter of 2 mm is permanently engraved on the device under test (DUT). The marking units are available as an accessory for self-customization or, upon request, can be integrated in an INGUN customized test fixture.

The new electrical board market probe offers an impressive multitude of performance features. The particularly small dimensions save a significant amount of space in fixture customization. A continuous outer thread ensures precise, adjustable positioning.

The board marker probe consist of two components: the receptacle and the engraving unit. This design makes replacing worn engraving units quick and easy as tools are not needed and the receptacle remains installed in the test fixture. This quick-exchange system results in time and cost savings in the test process.

A wide operating voltage range of 6 to 42 VDC with reverse polarity protection ensures simple and safe use with all common test systems. In contrast to conventional connection methods, the plug-in connection allows the marking unit cables to be disconnected without damage.
4/5 2020
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