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Nye printstandarder for automotive og medico

Printleverandøren Elmatica og IPC-organisationen har samarbejdet om det n første automotive-specifikke PCB-standard. Nu fokuserer der på at udvikle en lignende til medico-segmentet (in english).

IPC and Elmatica representative Jan Pedersen, have developed the first automotive addendum, IPC-6012DA. Now they will implement the success-story from automotive to the medical industry. One standard for each industry, a simplification of today`s jungle.

- The goal was to find a consensus in the jungle of corporate specifications – a common document describing basic PCB requirements for the automotive industry. We started out with the automotive industry, we will start the implementation of this by the end of 2016. This is an important step towards a standardized level in a complicated field of suppliers and demands, says Jan Pedersen, Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica.

An appreciated initiative

When the producers of PCB can rely on one standard for production, the requirements and parameters for building and supplying printed circuit boards for the automotive industry, will be more trustworthy.

- IPC welcomed the initiative of Elmatica and the leadership of Jan Pedersen in drafting and releasing IPC’s most recent addendum, the IPC-6012DA Automotive Applications Addendum to IPC-6012D, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards, and we are appreciate of their support in the pursuit of a future addendum to IPC-6012D addressing performance criteria for printed boards in the medical device industry, says John Perry, Director Printed Board Standards & Technology at IPC.

The demand for medical devices continues to rapidly grow and electronic technologies are an increasingly important component of these products.

Establishing new task group

- We are starting to prepare the new standard for another, not yet harmonized industry in terms of PCB: The Medical Sector. We have already started to establishing a task group, inviting users and suppliers in the medical electronic sector to participate, says Pedersen.
iNEMI (The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative) are very active in the medical electronics sector through their Technology Roadmapping and Collaborative Research and Development Projects.

- We recognize the challenge of standards being sufficiently robust to ensure the reliability-durability of PCB and PCB assemblies in medical devices. We fully support the proposal for a Working Group that is tasked with specifying the PCB performance requirements which are unique to the medical electronics industry, says BIll Bader, CEO of iNEMI.

Jan Pedersen will present and share his and IPCs learnings, at two lectures during Electronica 2016.
2/11 2016
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