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3,5W AC/DC forsyninger til Industry 4.0, IoT og smart home

3,5W AC/DC forsyninger til Industry 4.0, IoT og smart home

RECOM har haft stor succes med en nyligt introducerede RAC05-K/277 5W AC/DC serie, som nu udvides med versioner med yderligere output-optioner (in english).

Due to the success of the recently released RAC05-K/277 5W AC/DC series, RECOM now offers additional output options to this product series. The RAC3.5-K/277 versions supply up to 3.5W on the PCB, while the RAC05-K/277/W wired versions simplify installation.

The 3.5W and wired 5W modules add to RECOM’s vast AC/DC portfolio, which offers some of the best price-performance modules on the market. They perform reliably in harsh environments at extreme temperatures from -40°C up to an impressive +90°C. These series support peak power needs and are specially designed for extended input lines of up to 305VAC.

EMC compliance to EN55022 class 'B' is reached with a minimum 6dB margin on both radiated and conducted readings without the need for external components. These PCB-mount or wired modules feature fully protected outputs and international safety certifications for industrial, household and ITE for worldwide use.

These series with a 1” x 1.25” footprint also complement RECOM’s most-compact RAC05-K converters with a 1”x1” footprint, as well as the recently released RAC05-K/480, an AC/DC module dedicated for phase-to-phase operation up to 528VAC. Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.

11/10 2018