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DC/DC-konvertere i miniature-pakning

DC/DC-konvertere i miniature-pakning

RECOM lancerer en serie af SMD-baserede DC/DC-konvertere med 4:1 inputspændingsområde og effektkapacitet på henholdsvis 5W, 3W, 2W og 1W (in english).

A new family of surface-mount, cost-effective, regulated DC/DC converters has been launched by RECOM designated R5M, R3M, R2M, and R1M, rated at 5W, 3W, 2W, and 1W respectively. The parts feature a common case size of 13.2mm x 9.1mm footprint, 10.2mm high, with the R2M additionally available in a through-hole DIP8 package.

All parts operate over a 4:1 input range of 9-36VDC or optionally 18-75VDC, while the R3M, R2M, and R1M range additionally include 4.5-18V input. Single, fully regulated outputs available are 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 24V while dual outputs featured are +/-5V, +/-12V, and +/-15V.

The isolation rating for all parts is 1.6kV/1min, no minimum load is needed, and continuous short circuit protection is included along with an on/off control pin. Advanced circuit and thermal design results in high efficiency, peaking at 84%, allowing an operation to at least 100°C ambient with derating and at full load up to 90°C for the 1W part and 50°C for the 5W part.

The minimum temperature is -40°C. EN 55032 EMC class A and B limits can be met with just a few external components and reliability is high, for example, 8.5MHrs for the 1W part according to MIL-HDBK-217F, GB, 25°C. For peace of mind, all parts are covered by the RECOM three-year warranty and are available in tube packaging.

- Our new wide input DC/DCs in a common format allow easy upgrade to a higher power as required and offer the convenience of surface mount terminations, explains Matthew Dauterive DC/DC product manager of RECOM.

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.


18/1 2023

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