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High-density evalueringsboard til 65W multiports hurtigladere

High-density evalueringsboard til 65W multiports hurtigladere

Silanna Semiconductor har præsenteret et evalueringsboard, der simplificerer design, test og prototyping af 65 W multi-port USB-PD og QC hurtiglader-applikationer (in english).

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Silanna Semiconductor has unveiled an evaluation board that simplifies the design, testing and prototyping of 65 W multi-port USB-PD and QC fast charging applications.

Designed to deliver a real-life implementation when used with a front-end AC/DC converter, the SZPL3002AA-EVB03 integrates three Silanna SZPL3002A DC/DC converter ICs, which are the world's first integrated buck converters to offer intelligent power sharing capabilities. Two USB-C female connectors and one USB-A connector are provided, while screw terminals are located at the input for connection to a DC supply (typically 24 V).

The board is preconfigured from the factory with contract configurations for two 65 W Type-C PD ports and an 18 W QC Type-A port. Total power delivered by the EVB is limited to 65 W and is constantly monitored and re-allocated between ports by the firmware.

The switching frequency is set to 667 kHz with 8 ms of soft-start time. An I2C bus interface allows for inter-IC communication among the SZPL3002A devices for advanced applications in shared power, multiple output charging ports. The bus also facilitates programming on-board OTP memories.

- This new evaluation board will dramatically simplify the evaluation of advanced multi-port USB-PD and QC designs featuring intelligent power sharing between ports. As a result, OEMs can deliver ultra-high-density solutions that dynamically adapt to real-life device power needs to optimize charging across a variety of use cases, says Hubie Noto, Silanna Semiconductor's Director of Marketing.

Incorporating a built-in USB PD/FC port controller and operating with efficiencies to 98%, the Silanna SZPL3002 DC/DC converter is supplied in a QFN 5 mm x 5 mm thermally enhanced package and significantly reduces the number of components needed to implement 65 W fast charger and adapter applications. These include AC/DC chargers, multiple output USB-PD charging strips and USB-PD outputs in displays, televisions, docking stations and laptops.

The integrated port controller offers full support for USB PD V3.0 Type C interfaces and QC2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0 support for Type A/C connections. Facilitating power sharing and port power re-balancing functionality across two or three ports, the controller ensures that port power adapts to the needs of a particular device, irrespective of when connections are made.

SZPL3002AA-EVB03 features:

- Supports switching frequencies up to 2 MHz
- High efficiencies for 3.3 ~ 21.5 V Vout, 3.25 A
- Selectable power contract configurations –reduces required programming
- Full support for multi-port shared power across type C and type A ports
- Temperature triggered power throttling
- Wide input voltage range: 7 V to 27 V
- Integrated USB-PD controller supporting USB-PD R3.1, PPS, BC1.2, QC 2.0/3.0/4.0/4.0+/5.0
- Integrated 100 mW VCONN power generation for eMarked cables
- UVLO/OCP/OVP/UVP/OTP protections

Applications include:
- AC/DC chargers with USB-PD support
- Multiple output USB-PD charging strips
- USB-PD outputs in displays and TVs
- Docking stations and laptops


11/9 2023