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Miniature SIP reed-relæ med 5kV 'stand-off' kapabilitet

Miniature SIP reed-relæ med 5kV 'stand-off' kapabilitet

Pickering introducer industriens mindste SIP højspændings reed-relæer med 5KV kapabililtet (in english).

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Pickering Electronics has added a 5kV stand-off, up to 1.5kV switching version to its single-in-line Series 104 reed relay family. Previously, to achieve a 5kV stand-off rating, a larger, non-SIP (Single-in-Line-Package) relay was required. Four of the new 104 5D parts can fit the same PCB area that one larger style occupied, even with sufficient clearance space between adjacent parts.

Kevin Mallett, Technical Specialist at Pickering Electronics, explains:

- This is the first miniature SIP reed relay with a standoff of up to 5kV and up to 1.5kV switching, and so is particularly advantageous where a compact design is essential, as the devices can stack at just 6.35mm. Despite its size, the relay maintains reliable performance, ensuring that high voltage switching, or control operations can be conducted effectively and safely.

The Series 104 reed relays are ideal for mixed signal semiconductor testers, cable testing, monitoring photovoltaic efficiency, EVs & charge point testing, mining gas analysis, medical electronics, in-circuit test equipment, high voltage instrumentation, and much more. 5kV devices are available in 1 Form A (SPST N.O), and 5, 12 or 24V coils with optional internal diode protection.

Where extended operating temperature ranges are required, 104HTs are designed to work from -40 °C to +125 °C, or custom versions are available up to +150 °C.

The 104 5kV version fills the gap in Pickering’s expanding high voltage relay range, which spans between 1kV – 15kV.


5/2 2024