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Nye kosteffektive DC/DC-konvertere i SOIC-16 pakning

Nye kosteffektive DC/DC-konvertere i SOIC-16 pakning

RECOM udvider deres familie af DC/DC-konvertere i SOIC-16 pakning med nye 1W og 0,5W versioner (in english).

RECOM has extended its range of DC/DC converters in a SOIC-16 package with new versions which offer even better value. The parts feature 5V (4.5-5.5V) inputs and a semi-regulated 5V output rated at either 0.5W (R05C05TE05S) or 1W (R05CTE05S).

Line and load regulation figures are specified across the full temperature range, and there is no minimum load requirement, making the parts ideal for applications that have light-load operation modes.

Both parts have a 3kVDC/1 min (basic) insulation rating with greater than 8mm input/output creepage and clearance, and operate from -40°C to 125°C with derating. Isolation capacitance is just 7pF. Protection features include short-circuit, over-current, over temperature, and input undervoltage, making the parts highly suitable for applications that demand a high level of reliability and robustness. EMI levels are also particularly low compared with more expensive competing products.

The SOIC-16 package is just 10.35mm x 7.5mm footprint and 2.5mm profile, perfect for space-constrained designs. The two parts are pin compatible, allowing future upgrades from 0.5W to 1W if necessary. The DC/DCs are also partially pin compatible with the higher specification RECOM R05CT05S, which includes features such as remote on/off and reinforced isolation.

Applications for the two ranges include isolated COM port power supplies, gate drive power, current sensing/smart metering, medical devices, industrial PLC (I/O), and sensors for IoT/IIoT.

- These new DC/DCs are a low-cost alternative when all the features of our higher spec SOIC-16 parts are not needed. Even so, they still are manufactured with the same automated process with advanced transformer fabrication technology for the highest reliability in critical applications, says Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC product manager of RECOM.

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM (www.recom-power.com)

13/10 2021
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