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Nye materialer baner vej for tynde og fleksible batterier

Nye materialer baner vej for tynde og fleksible batterier

Evonik og InnovationLab præsenterer på den virtuelle LOPEC udstilling ny epokegørende materialeteknologi, som kan åbne mulighed for en ny generation af printbare solid-state batterier (in english).

Evonik presents at the virtual exhibition LOPEC a new material technology for printable batteries. Together with the company InnovationLab, the specialty chemicals group proves the integration of TAeTTOOz technology in printed electronics to open up new applications. TAeTTOOz was develop based on so-called redox polymers from Creavis, the strategic innovation unit from Evonik.

With TAeTTOOz Evonik presents an innovative technology for the efficient production of rechargeable battery cells. The new materials can be processed with screen printing into very thin and flexible batteries. In this way, designers gain a high degree of design freedom. They make it possible to store electrical energy without having to use metals.

The batteries manufactured with TAeTTOOz technology do not require liquid electrolytes and are therefore leak-proof. Compared to regular batteries, organic polymer batteries have a number of advantages. They can be produced with regular printing methods. This allows a high degree of design freedom. Additionally, the battery materials do not contain metals or metal compounds. 

- We are very pleased to be working with InnovationLab, says Dr. Michael Korell, responsible at Evonik for the development of TAeTTOOz.

-With the TAeTTOOz technology, we want to enable new applications. Especially with the increasing interconnection of everyday life objects - in the 'Internet of Things' - the development of a metal-free and printable energy storage solution opens up future areas of application.

In the health sector, sensors to monitor vital function can be worn much more comfortably when using printed batteries. In the field of logistics, sensors powered with printed batteries can also monitor packaging, like in the supply chain of sensitive goods, including vaccines or food.

6/4 2021