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Smartphones kan trådløst oplade andre enheder med WattShare teknologi

Smartphones kan trådløst oplade andre enheder med WattShare teknologi

IDT's WattShare teknologi kan forvandle smartphones til trådløse opladningshubs (in english).

Integrated Device Technology  (IDT) has launched the WattShare family of wireless power semiconductors that enable smartphones to wirelessly charge other mobile devices. IDT's new wireless power ICs uniquely combine receiver and transmitter capabilities, allowing smartphones, smartwatches, truly wireless ear buds and other devices to be wirelessly charged simply by placing them atop a smartphone.

- WattShare-enabled smartphones will free users from carrying a variety of chargers and constantly looking for electrical outlets to keep their smartwatches, ear buds and other devices charged, says Christopher Stephens, general manager of IDT's Wireless Power Division.

- WattShare is the latest example of IDT's continued advancement of the state-of-the-art in wireless charging technology and places the smartphone at the center of the wireless charging eco-system to ensure consumers can enjoy the most 'untethered' smartphone experience. 

IDT WattShare wireless charging technology is a compelling solution for OEMs who continually strive to make their smartphones - and ecosystems of associated smartwatches, ear buds and other devices - more convenient and capable for consumers. WattShare enables smartphones to deliver up to 7W of power when charging other devices, as well as to receive charges of 15W or higher.

Several leading smartphone makers have already adopted WattShare and have successfully created a wireless charging ecosystem allowing their customers to charge a friend's phone or an accessory device.

28/3 2019