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Vishay-ensrettere med markant forbedrede egenskaber

Vishay-ensrettere med markant forbedrede egenskaber

Rutronik kan nu levere de nye FRED Pt ensrettere fra Vishay, der tilbyder en signifikant forøgelse af power-densitet, effektivitet samt device-pålidelighed (in english).

The new FRED Pt Rectifiers from Vishay significantly increase power density, performance efficiency and device reliability. They come in a thermally efficient FlatPAK 5x6 package with low profile of less than 1mm.

The rectifiers are available in commercial/industrial and automotive grade versions with either 2x3A or 2x4A forward current for each type. By delivering high power density and efficiency, they are ideally suited for automotive and telecom applications. The long term reliability of the rectifiers is assured through 2000 hours of high temperatures reverse bias (HTRB) testing.

Configured as dual-die rectifiers with separate cathode connections, they allow designers to simplify PCB Layouts by utilizing one package instead of two smaller ones. By using a standard footprint of 5x6 QFN (quad flat no lead) package, a range of different circuit topologies are possible.

A low forward voltage drop down to 0.7V reduces power losses and improves the efficiency. Furthermore, the FRED Pt Rectifiers offer 200V reverse voltage, ultrafast recovery times down to 25ns, a low reverse recovery charge and soft recovery features. The operating temperature range is between -55°C and +175°C.

The rectifiers are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and have a MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1, the LF maximum peak is at +260 °C. Samples of the four models are available as of now at www.Rutronik24.com.
15/5 2018
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